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Cozy Setup

Adjusting toe in on a Cozy. You do this by twisting the main tube that connects the sidecar to the chassis of your scooter. By twisting this tube, you can adjust BOTH the height and toe in of the rig. (see figure 1 below) You’ll need to loosen the bolts on the sidecar mount and on the chassis mount before you can twist the tube. You may need to give it a good whack to move it. Remember to make SMALL incremental adjustments. I suggest taking a small ride in between each adjustment until your rig is free of excessive wobble and does not pull to one side or the other. It is Cozy’s recomendation that toe in be 3/4″ to 1 1/4″. (see figure 2) Also remember to check your tire pressure before riding! Low pressure will complicate set up because it will cause pull!
 (Figure 1)adjust-toein2-cozy (Figure 2)
Adjusting the lean in on a Cozy. You do this by loosening the tie rod bolt on the support bar that connects the sidecar to the seat mount (the single support) (see figure 3) There is a lot of debate about the degree of lean out of a rig. My recommendation is to use a O degree lean. In other words have your scooter sit at 90 degrees to the pavement. I personally feel the most comfortable with this setup. You can experiment, but I would not go more than 2 degrees with lean out. Scooters are light vehicles with a low center of gravity and seem to ride very well with a sidecar.
(Figure 3)
Steering damper The Cozy comes with a steering column damper. It’s a fact that you will have some sort of wobble now that you have a sidecar on your scooter. You have just added this large off-centered piece of weight! The good news is that it’s not very heavy and the wobble can be reduced and virtually undetectable when you have your hands on the handle bars. This can be done through a careful and complete setup. BUT if you have a rig that is just stubborn and you can not remove the wobble, then a dampermay be for you. My suggestion is that you do NOT use the Cozy provided item simply because it requires holes to be drilled into the leg shield. An alternative is to use a VW Shimmy damper(found at your local parts store or junk yard) This method assumes that you have a fork available on the sidecar side of your scooter. (It will not work with a left hand mount on a Vespa) Simply fasten one end to the bar to the fork and the other end to the sidecar frame. (I’ll work on getting some drawings up for this) In the meantime you can use the general principals from the motorcycle. Check out the information at Side Strider

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