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Perimeter tubular frame rod-ends ("George" clamp)
View of the assembled frame clamp and rod-end. In the fore ground is a 6 inch (150 mm) steel scale to give a size comparison. These rod ends are machined from 1" (25 mm) X 1" (25 mm) X 2-1/2" (64 mm) A36 cold rolled steel [CRS] All fasteners are grade 8 with electro-zinc and yellow dichromate finish. The strut rod is 5/8 X 18 grade 5 all thread. All strut rods are supplied over-length to allow custom fitting. For full strength at least 1 diameter (5/8 inch / 16 mm) must be engaged in the rod end. As each rod end has at least 1-5/8 depth of full thread this provides 2 full inches of adjustment for each pair of rod ends.
View of the disassembled rod-end (see below for dis-assembled view of clamp) giving a clearer view of the massive 1/2 inch (13 mm) grade 8 clamp bolt.
A close-up showing the grade 8 markings on the rod-end clamp bolt. All threaded fasteners provided with the tubular perimeter frame mounting kits (other than the lock nuts for the strut rods) will be grade 8. Barbecue grill and lawnmower specification fasteners have no place in the Cosy mounting kits.
A close-up of the assembled clamp showing not only the grade 8 bolt but also the grade 8 nuts and washers that are standard with this clamp. Other combinations of fasteners are shown below, but this this configuration has been selected as the one providing the best value for our customers
Perimeter tubular frame clamp details This shows the tubular perimeter frame clamp assembled around a 36 mm hose nipple which is the same size as many main frame members. The type of nuts and bolts to fix the secure the loop to the main body of the clamp has not yet been determined. Several different types are shown in these pictures. The frame loop is made of 1/8 inch (3 mm) thick mild steel 2 inches (50 mm) wide and is formed to fit the
This is a view of a disassembled clamp. Note the Nylok nut on the 5/8 strut and the use of grade 8 5/16 X 18 socket head cap screws with Kerps nuts which integrate a washer and lockwasher into one unit. The curved center piece fits between the 5/8 X 18 strut / screw and the frame member to prevent damage and to distribute the clamping force. The main clamp block is constructed of 1 X 2 inch (25 X 50 mm) mild steel bar stock.
This shows the full length of the 5/8 X 18 strut. This will project at right angles to the frame and will clamp a sub-frame made from 2 X 2 ( 50 mm X 50 mm) X .110 ( 3 mm) square section tubing which will mount the Cosy circular mounting flange. Semicircular bushings are supplied for mounting to smaller diameter frame members. The strut is made extra long for universal fit, and should be trimmed to the correct length when mounted on a particular scooter or motorcycle.

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